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The Change Community

Tessa is a recognised national Programme Director who has led major change and transformation programmes across various healthcare settings. Recently, the national Director for the Covid-19 vaccination programme, Tessa comes from a whole-system emergency care background, priding her work on improving hospital performance and models of care.

Tessa Walton.jfif

Tessa Walton

Neil is an established business leader with expertise is operational change and commercial transformation. A track record in continuous improvement, customer experience, TOM development and supply chain efficiencies to name just a few.

Neil Miles.jpg

Neil Miles

Dan is a highly experienced and credible Change Director with a track-record in Private markets spanning  FinTechs, Technology and Retail to name a few. Owner of How2Change, Dan is passionate about M&A, TOM development, Organisational Change  and Programme Governance. 

Dan Leyland.jfif

Dan Leyland

Alison is a trusted delivery partner with vast healthcare expertise particularly across Operational Performance, Urgent & Emergency Care Transformation in both an advisory lens or a delivery-driven, turnaround capacity. With whole-system experience, Alison is a knowledgeable SME and ICP leader with a great reputation.

Alison Whitehorn.jpg

Alison Whitehorn

Damon is a highly experienced Legal Advisor with a track record in various healthcare settings. With expertise across clinical claims, risk management, corporate governance and strategic healthcare regulation, Damon is a credible and trusted associate and delivery consultant.

Damon Broad.jfif

Damon Broad

Adam is a highly accomplished healthcare leader and executive advisor to critical change ICP programmes. Previously an Accountable Officer and CCG Director, Adam specialises in the strategic development of innovative care models that coincide with whole-system integrations models.

Adam Wickings.jfif

Adam Wickings

Rob is a highly experienced Project Manager, Change Facilitator and Coach with a track record in healthcare. An Analyst and Management Consultant by background, Rob is a hands-on Project Consultant with whole-system experience that includes Local Authority, Commissioning, Acute and Community expertise.

Rob Wood.jfif

Rob Wood

Akki is a highly experienced Programme Manager and Management Consultant.

A clinical Pharmacist by background, Akki has delivered various change projects supporting CIP agendas, workforce transformation, business case development and operational improvement initiatives.

Akki Aggarwal.jfif

Akki Aggarwal

An experienced healthcare executive and clinician, Lara is a credible leader with a passion for delivering tangible patient outcomes. With global experience from the Middle East, Lara now leads high profile improvement programmes in the NHS with a sound operational approach that promotes

whole-system working.

Lara Waywell.jfif

Lara Waywell

Richard is an established

Chief Operating Officer with an excellent track record in various healthcare settings. Beyond operational performance, Richard has been instrumental in digital change agendas, disruptive HealthTech & innovation and improved patient outcomes.

Richard Parker.jpg

Richard Parker

Paul Cosens is an Executive Advisor and Healthcare SME with a track record across new models of care and strategy development. With a passion for Mental Health, Paul is a trusted delivery associate with vast experience both in the UK and the Middle East. Internationally known as a CAMHS expert, Paul is also the Owner of Cosens Consultancy.

Paul Cosens.jpg

Paul Cosens

Tennille is a senior operational manager with a track record in delivering complex whole-system projects, clinical efficiencies, procurement and service transformation and mobilisations, Tennille is a hands-on delivery specialist who gets things done! 

Tennille Madigan.jfif

Tennille Madigan

Phil is an Executive Director and Board Advisor having worked in healthcare for over 22 years spanning Acute, Community, Mental Health and Commissioning settings. His vast UK experience is complimented by his time spent in Saudi Arabia supporting their

2030 vision.

Phil Evans.jpg

Phil Evans

Paul is a highly skilled Programme Manager with a track record in international healthcare. Having worked across Commissioning, Acute and Community settings, Paul is a delivery driven SME with a no-nonsense approach to project management. Having worked in the UK and Middle East, Paul offers vast experience & healthcare knowledge.

Paul Cordy.jpg

Paul Cordy

James is an accomplished Programme Manager and Director with a track record in Financial Services and Insurance markets. With significant expertise in technology-enabled transformation, James offers an executive board a logical approach to change management and business adoption to new IT initiatives.

James Davison.jpg

James Davison

A leader in primary health & social care transformation, Catherine is a senior practitioner who is passionate about improved patient outcomes. HPC registered, Catherine has led the redesign of clinical services in primary, secondary and community care settings. With experience in UK, Africa and the Middle East, Catherine is a trusted associate who always delivers.

Catherine Williams.jfif

Catherine Williams

Agile and LEAN six sigma black belt certified, Paul is a credible project, programme manager who has built PMOs from scratch and has led complex change programmes spanning multiple organisations. Paul is a trusted advisor and delivery driven programme consultant who goes the extra mile.

Paul Williams.jfif

Paul Williams

Matt is a recognised Programme Director with a strategic approach to delivering complex transformations in healthcare. An experienced improvement consultant and SME in RTT performance, service redesign and operational improvement, Matt offers a broad range of skills acquired from both commissioning and provider settings.

Matt Dooley.jfif

Matt Dooley

Anne is an established Transformation Director with a passion for quality of care and improved patient experiences. A recognised executive leader in the NHS and Middle East, Anne has been pivotal in developing strategies and implementing new

models of care.

Anne Mottram.jpg

Ann Mottram

A registered healthcare professional, Amanda is a leading expert in many healthcare settings with a particular passion for CQC readiness, project delivery and Primary Care to name a few. With whole-system ICS experience, Amanda is also the Managing Director of

Quality Thinking.  

Amanda Allen.jpg

Amanda Allen

Rob is a Commercial Director and Business Development SME with a successful track record in various industries. A go-to Associate for all matters around Bids, Tenders and Business Development agendas.

Rob Murgatroyd.jpg

Rob Murgatroyd

Gary is an established Turnaround and Transformation SME with a track record in the acute healthcare setting with experience in the UK and Middle East. With a passion for patient flow, operational efficiency and financial recovery, Gary is a credible leader with broad experience that would benefit any health system.

Gary Boyd.jfif

Gary Boyd

A registered nurse, paramedic and advanced practitioner, Neil is a Board-level SME with a successful track record in improving operational performance across emergency care, patient flow and bed management. With national experience, Neil is a highly respected healthcare leader and Managing Director of Revolutionise.

Neil Storey.jpg

Neil Storey

John is an established CFO and transformational specialist who has worked across various global healthcare settings. Whilst a senior leader in his field, John enjoys leading financial transformation and modelling initiatives, providing organisations with clear roadmaps to financial improvement and turnaround.

John Leslie.jpeg

John Leslie

An established Public Sector Project Manager and Strategic Programme Lead, Ray is a commercially astute SME who has led complex change initiatives across health and social care settings. With a passion for service integration, Ray offers vast knowledge across key interdependencies in social care.

Ray Wagner.jfif

Ray Wagner

An established Turnaround Director, Amanda is a highly experienced Service Improvement SME and Management Consultant with global experience across the UK and Middle East. Specialising in driving clinical efficiencies and system-wide transformation Amanda is a credible, delivery-driven Executive Associate.

Amanda Ramsay-Dunn.jfif

Amanda Ramsay-Dunn

An elective care SME and clinical leader, Ian is an established senior manager with a track record in theatre efficiency and productivity, RTT pathways, CIP initiatives and clinical governance to name just a few. Ian has a passion for clinical best practice, healthcare collaboration and improved patient journeys.

Ian Stafford.jpg

Ian Stafford

An innovative healthcare leader and strategic advisor, Lindsay offers expertise across health regulation, policy framework development, strategic operating models and complex transformation journeys. With significant global experience, Lindsay is well placed in both the design and delivery of change programmes.

Lindsay Sales.jfif

Lindsay Sales

A renown Chief Operating Officer and Executive Advisor, Jon offers global operational experience having led healthcare turnaround programmes around the world. The Managing Director of

Monkton House, Jon is an experienced Transformation Leader who is driven by delivery and improved patient outcomes.  

Jon Scott.jpg

Jon Scott

A visionary trouble-shooter, Peter is an established cross-sector CEO and business leader who specialises in complex, organisational-wide transformations. A passion for leadership development, turnaround and restructuring entities whilst improving and driving systemic operational and cultural changes.

Peter Thomas.jfif

Peter Thomas

Terry is an ITIL certified Project Manager, with an excellent reputation as a Digital Healthcare SME. Commonly being the conduit between technical teams and executive leaders, Terry is a trusted Delivery Associate who has supported high profile digital integration projects. 

Terry Cocklin.jpg

Terry Cocklin

Gill is one of the country's leading cancer improvement specialists having spent much of her career helping whole-system ICS organisations meet national standards. Having redesigned patient pathways from scratch, Gill is a recognised leader and SME in cancer services.

Gill Schram.jfif

Gill Schram

Tracy is a highly experienced Programme Manager and Change Leader with a track record across health and social care. Pivotal in developing new models of care, Tracy has whole-system experience, designed and delivered integrated models of care spanning acute and community settings.

Tracy Cartmell.jpeg

Tracy Cartmell

Kamran is an experienced Healthcare Director and Advisor with global experience from the UK and Middle East. Currently based in Saudi Arabia working with their Ministry of Health as a Strategic Advisor to their 2030 vision, new models of care, sector growth, clinical effectiveness and business development.

Kamran Mirza.jfif

Kamran Mirza

Andy is an accomplished

Head of Change and IT Transformation SME with a track record in Financial Services, Banking & Insurance. A trusted associate with a credible approach to TOM development, portfolio management, agile delivery within a change programme, Andy is a go-to leader of effective

change management.

Andy Ford.jfif

Andy Ford

A resilient and compassionate leader who thrives in environments where it is required to navigate cultural boundaries in order to be successful. John has a passion for delivering sustainable outcomes having implemented large-scale transformations in the Middle East and UK. An executive operational director with vast commercial experience spanning contract, procurement and commissioning.

John Ferguson.jpg

John Ferguson

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