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Community Partner Spotlight | Jeanette Hall

Meet Jeanette Hall, a renowned figure in healthcare governance and patient safety with a distinguished career spanning the NHS, Department of Health and the third sector. Nationally recognised for her expertise, Jeanette is the go-to consultant for overhauling governance in struggling Trusts and those in special measures. Her strategic vision combined with hands-on operational acumen ensures effective solutions that foster organisational growth and capability development at all levels.

With a track record of steering through crises, Jeanette played a pivotal role in shaping the NHS response during the 2008 pandemic, demonstrating her ability to combine creativity with critical thinking for effective problem-solving. Known for her positive and pragmatic leadership style, she fosters collaboration, nurtures talent and achieves shared goals by placing patient needs at the forefront of her work.

Jeanette embodies integrity, continuous improvement and dedication to excellence in clinical practice, making her an invaluable asset in any healthcare setting.

"Delighted to be working alongside Community Partners highly regarded and respected colleagues. The community partnership offers access to a wealth of experience and expertise and a commitment to excellence, collaboration and willingness to share knowledge with others" - Jeanette Hall

Do reach out to Matthew Stevenson or Jeanette directly if you are looking for support in these critical areas, she could be the SME you've been looking for!

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