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Men's Mental Health Awareness Month | Sam Shah

In recognition of Men's Mental Health Week (10th - 16th June) and Men's Mental Health Awareness Month, Community Partners has engaged in meaningful conversations with some of our male partners and advisors about their experiences and insights on mental health. This month we will share their responses to the questions we posed to shed light on the importance of mental wellbeing among men.

Today, we start with Sam Shah.

Why is men's mental health an important issue to focus on in the workplace, especially during Men's Mental Health Awareness Month?

Sam: Men typically deal with stress, anxiety and depression in a different way to women. Work patterns and home working have also changed the way social interactions take place. Men are generally less likely to talk about their mental health so it’s important to focus on this and try to reduce the stigma and make it more acceptable to talk to others. Almost half of men (47%) do not talk openly with friends about their problems. Nearly a third report not having any close friends. 

How can workplaces/businesses better support men's mental health? Are there specific programmes or initiatives that have proven to be effective in your experience?

Sam: Workplaces and businesses could help by encouraging time to listen. Ask how someone is who may be a bit more withdrawn or may not be themselves. Set aside some time to listen to that person, this could be a call or meet for a drink. Encourage action that may help that individual. Then try to check in from time to time.

As a consultant/executive, what advice would you give to men who are currently dealing with mental health issues in their professional lives?

Sam: Where possible I would encourage men to take some time out or break their regular cycle. This may include taking a short break, seeing friends or even increasing an exercise regime. I would mainly encourage people to talk to others where possible and try to share those problems.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Sam for his contribution and for sharing his views on men's mental health. His insights and advice offer great value in understanding the challenges and importance of mental wellbeing among men.

Stay tuned for more interviews and discussions throughout Men's Mental Health Awareness Month. Let's continue to break the stigma and support one another. If you would like to share your experience or advice, please get in touch with Saira.


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